5Kw Lux power Off grid SNA

ECO Hybrid SNA 3-5k
– DC DC Converter Design

  • Intelligent off-grid & hybrid modes
  • PV & AC power loads simultaneously
  • Wide PV input voltage range
  • DC to DC converter easy to use with battery
  • Free monitoring & remote upgrade
  • Single phase or unbalanced three phase
  • Advanced Parallel, up to 60kW
  • Independent generator interface
  • Host inverter automatically generated to manage entire system

DC DC Converter Efficiency
97.5% Europe Efficiency 97.9% Max Efficiency

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ECO Hybrid SNA 3-5k – DC DC Converter Design

DC DC Converter Application


With thousands of hybrid inverters & AC units installed around the world.

Lux power has stepped even further to bringing power to every home, with or without grid power.

ECO Hybrid SNA 3-5K is now available for homes looking for steady power supply.

Inquire your local distributor, re-organize your power at home. No more blackouts.

DC DC Converter Working Modes

SNA5000 serial off grid inverter can support the dc to dc converter system to work as a backup power or a replacement of diesel generator. Since the inverter support paralleling function, the capacity of system can range from 3kW to 50kW. The inverter support DC DC converter working modes.

Pure Off-grid working mode: Working as a traditional off grid inverters, can set out put to utility first, battery first or solar first.

Hybrid working mode: Working as a DC DC converter hybrid, support solar and utility jointly take the load, can set to self consumption mode or charge priority node.

Additional information

Weight 14 kg
Dimensions 51 × 33 × 13.5 cm


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